Young & Sick | "SIZE OF RELIEF”

by BJ Panda Bear

GUCCI   Jacket and pants

GUCCI Jacket and pants

 The electronically tinged bohemian spirit that we have come to think of Young & Sick is back. Still in his “Ojai” spirit of kimonos and owning a space as a prince of the remix realm, LA based musical and art project from the Dutch artist Nick van Hofwegen recently dropped his latest addition Size of Relief. After releasing a slew of tracks and his last EP “No Static” in 2018, the latest mini album sees Hofwegen delve into the most dance forward release featuring a steady flow of killer beats and pulsating synths.

The multimedia artist is best known for his grooving electronically driven rock sound as well as his visual collaboration with acts like Foster The People and Maroon 5. With this new release and new hair cut we took a moment with the artist to speak about his latest offering.

CALVIN KLEIN   t-shirt and   OVADIA & SONS   pants

CALVIN KLEIN t-shirt and OVADIA & SONS pants

What has the process of this new album been like for you, you're look has changed even.

We made the EP quickly before the tour because it included a dance group in The Knocks tour, went kind of faster than usual. More heavily in the dance spectrum than previous stuff. It was more positive and fun to play around with dancier stuff and I wanted to put that in front of people.

It was amazing that sonically that has been more direct in the dancability.

Yes, subcultures, low cultures, ect. I knew I was going in that way. Originally I took the older songs and made them more dancy, making stuff that was more adapted to that.

Was it a natural progression or did you find any creative blocks

No, I think changing it up gets rid of those blocks. I have a new record coming out that changes all those signatures. I think it opens you up

Whats the single?

Its called “Its A Storm” its the penultimate one because there is one more coming out after. Its the slowest in bpm, but in execution its open.

Whats next on the books?

Two more songs coming out off of the EP, “Size of Relief”. A lot is going on with live sessions for radios and while all of that is happening I’m going deep into the next record since the EP was made about half a year ago. More tour, supporting or headlining.

What is your approach to performing this body of work now? Is it more DJ oriented?

On The Knocks tour there was limited seating on the bus so we had to tone it down to three people. Took a break with the new drummer because he was in NY and I was in LA, so we had drummer Steve and Luke who’s been with me the whole time. We did a three piece keyboard and drums and myself on guitar and vocals. We were very conscious of making it dancy and making it pumped.

TRIPLE RRR   kimono and jumpsuit.

TRIPLE RRR kimono and jumpsuit.

How do you translate that into performance?

We’ve opened for a lot of different acts and definitely The Knocks were very nice to us and well receiving in a very lovely way. We took on everyone's energy, The Knocks, they play with six people and have a dj set together in the middle. Then I play, we try to make it a great show.

Are live performances something you feel you will move forward with as something to explore, or is it temporary?

Personally I would tour everyday of the year if possible. Its hard for bands to tour often as things are the way they are. But I am sad when the tour is over. You get to go to different states, venues, and meet different people.

ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA   suit and shirt

ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA suit and shirt

You are known as an artist who creates music and media art, how do you feel your art is moving, do you feel its splitting as you make more music?

I feel like they work hand in hand, I work with a lot of different artists to make art and I feel that in those cases the music dictates what the art will look like since I sample those acts music for their art. Everytime I switch fields, it also changes my work.

How do you feel your current album cover is a reflection of your state in music?

This one is more abstract and organic, more patterns since it has more patterns in the music. Its simple, like the music.

More textual and graphic, feels more tangible. Are you going to be collaborating with anyone?

Fashionable people, we did a fashion based album, with Mark Foster. I got caught up with things I would never have done by myself, He really knows what hes thinking. Its nice to work with someone whose on it.

Are you creating any personal bodies of work you want to show in an institution.

I did a gallery show recently and while in New York this summer I'll be hopefully working on some more…

Photographed by: Danielle Defoe

Styled by: Sonia Young

Grooming: Johnny Stuntz using Oribe at Crosby Carter MGMT