Weekend Recall: Magdalena

by Corrine Ciani

Magdalena is a DJ from Hamburg who was introduced to electronic music when she was just 15 years old, thanks to her brother sneaking her into a club. After discovering the ins and outs of the club scene thanks to her experience as a booker and club manager, becoming a DJ seemed to come naturally.

As a native from Hamburg, she has been with the electronic music label Diynamic since the beginning. She is best known for her debut track, ‘Should I Stay’ on the 10 Years Diynamic Anniversary compilation, and has since released her first EP on Diynamic, ‘Elementum’, in the spring of 2018. Magdalena has also earned an impressive musical reputation in Ibiza for her creation of SHADOWS, her own show which she plans on expanding internationally in 2019. When it comes to knowing how to throw a party, it’s safe to say she has it down.

Over the weekend Magdalena DJed at the Ocaso Festival, an underground music festival in Costa Rica. Check out the photos below and experience the Ocaso fest through her weekend recall.


I was keen to see a bit of Costa Rica before the festival started, so my husband and I flew out a little early to have time to relax and explore. Waking up at the hotel to breakfast on the terrace surrounded by greenery and sunshine was a real treat after our long flight.


On our first day, we went walking in the Tenorio Volcano National Park. The vividness of the colours, scents and sounds of nature are the perfect antidote to our jetlag - I would really recommend it to anyone visiting this area of Costa Rica.


Drinking fresh coconut water is one of my favourite things to do when I’m in Central or South America. The naturally occuring minerals in it make it ideal for rehydration on a hot day.


The colour of the water here is really stunning, and even more vivid in person than it is in this photo. We managed to find the Rio Celeste waterfall, which was impressive to watch and soothing to listen to.


Costa Rica is well known for its wildlife, so we were very lucky to spot a cute sloth hanging out in the branches above us. Sometimes I wish I could bring more sloth energy into my life!


From the jungle to the festival: feeling refreshed after a day exploring nature, I felt ready to go out and enjoy some music. We had a lot of fun backstage with the owner of the festival, HOSH (on the far right), and Loco Dice, who was obviously a fan of my kimono pattern!


It was good to hang out with Karmon after the gig - I’ve known him since the very early days of Diynamic, and we often play the same gigs. When you travel for work so much, it’s always great to see some familiar faces.


I didn’t get many photos at the festival, but I love that in this one you can see how much I’m enjoying my set and connection with the crowd here. It was my favourite kind of gig - more intimate than some of the big stage festivals I play, an enthusiastic dancefloor, outdoors and with a warm breeze flowing through my hair.