Track Premiere: Luke Million's "Back To The Rhythm" featuring Sam Sparro

by flaunt

2016 was the year that Australian producer Luke Million went from local talent to globe-trotting international viral sensation, landing radio play in the U.S., touring North America, and racking up millions of views with his take on the Stranger Things theme. The momentum shows no sign of slowing in 2017. His brand new track ‘Back To The Rhythm’—the lead single from Luke’s forthcoming EP of the same name and the first of several guest features to be revealed in the coming weeks—features fellow Australian neo-soul singer Sam Sparro, and represents both a return to Luke’s roots and a statement of things to come. With an irresistible funk-soul rhythm, grooving synths, and Sam’s signature butter-smooth vocals, ‘Back To The Rhythm’ updates dance music while nodding to the past.

We spoke to the duo about the collab and about what lies ahead.

Luke Million:
How did the idea for this song come about?
I dropped by Sam’s studio when I was in LA and we were reminiscing over how awesome classic dance music was coming from the likes of D-Train, Leroy Burgess and Patrick Adams. We wanted to take the best elements of this period and bring it into today with a fresh approach. Keeping things simple it is about going back to the roots of what inspires you and makes you feel alive.

Why was Sam the right person for this project?
I had always wanted to work with Sam. We actually met 6 years ago but the universe only aligned last March when I was in LA. We had a mutual love of disco and I knew his amazing neo-soul vocals would shine over my palate of vintage synths and drum machines.

What’s up next for you?
I have just kicked of a national Australian tour with Client Liaison for their album Diplomatic Immunity – most of the tour is sold out which is crazy, so I’m looking forward to sharing the new single along with some other new music with fans new and old. Once we wrap that up I have another single in May and an EP coming out in June which is really exciting…I have been working on this for the last 14 months and have written all over the world with some very special guests joining me on the record. From there I’m hitting the road and will be making my way to the US and Europe for a few tours in support of the EP then coming home to share my new live show…hopefully I’ll find some time to start working on my debut album also.

Sam Sparro:
How did Luke approach you to work with him on this track?
Luke’s team sent over some tracks for me and I really loved but I always prefer to work with people in the room and start something from scratch. Luke happened to be coming to LA so we got that studio time together!

What are the pros of collaborating with artists like Luke?
The wonderful thing about Luke is that he isn’t just an electronic producer- he is a great musician with a great ear. He can write a real song with musicality and epic changes. There are a lot of producers that are essentially glorified engineers and brilliant at tweaking sounds but aren’t really musicians. Basically, Luke has great taste and knows his shit!