Smooth Lines | Beauty Made In Italy

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

Is there a country more fashion and beauty forward than Italy? Not only did they birth such legendary brands like Versace, Prada, Gucci and pretty much every other fashion house you’ve ever heard of, but The Italian Trade Commission, a division of the Italian Government, just teamed up with Cosmetica Italia to produce Beauty Made in Italy, a new program which aims at promoting the awareness, availability, and overall excellence of Italian beauty-products to the United States market and consumer. Can you think of a program even slightly similar here in America? Hello, Mr. President? Are you listening?

Branded as the “singular entry point for all things beauty,” Beauty Made in Italy is divided into two different tracks for companies based on their experience and distribution in the US market.. Whether it be a company which has recently opened its doors to the public, an established brand, or a leading voice in the industry, Beauty Made in Italy focuses its pursuits on companies which incorporate high-quality ingredients with innovative, luxurious products.  Among the brands featured include Skin&Co Roma, Jusbox, and Perlier.

Skin&Co Roma

Flaunt Magazine-SkinCo Roma.jpg

When truffles hit the mainstream, there was no turning back. The truffle revolution has made for a better world one drizzle at a time an all that we eat, but what were the other applications? Enter Skin&Co Roma, a beauty brand which harvests the ultra rare Black Winter Truffle, a mushroom overflowing with nutrients and anti-oxidants. They introduce their latest concoction, Truffle Therapy Radiant Dew Mist, a hydrating, soothing mist which leaves the skin feeling radiant and smooth. And with a lightweight $35 price tag, it’s a delicacy anyone.

Flaunt Magazine-Toner.JPG

“Not your traditional Toner,” reads the label posted on the bottle for Truffle Therapy Face Toner, another product from Skin&Co Roma that has become a vital practice towards skin health optimizing. And by conjuring up the mystical proprieties from witch hazel and sage, they might even be right. The toner uses its patented Black Winter Truffle, along with Rosemary, Calendula, and Cucumber to soothe and protect your beautiful self from L.A.’s most extreme conditions. Rain, fire, smog? Not a problem.



U2’s 1992 Zoo TV Tour was anything but subtle. The tour satirized television’s oversaturation by instilling a “sensory overload,” for the audience. Jusbox, a collection of fragrances inspired by all things music, pays tribute to U2’s influential tour, and the technology which came into fruition during the 90’s with Micro Love, a fragrance which releases hints of apple, violet, and suede with each spray. You can purchase it at



Honey, flowers, plants, and fruit; all mood enhancing products provided by Mother Nature herself. For the past 80 years, beauty brand Perlier has manufactured their products based on these natural ingredients. Olivarium Ultra Rich Body Butter uses 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is loaded with anti-aging properties, that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and nourished. The perfect combatant against those dry, Santa Ana winds.

Flaunt Magazine-Perlier Honey.jpeg

Are you fearing your slow descent towards growing old and, eventually, death? Perlier's Honey Anti-Age Body Balm is here to is here to smooth out the process, and your wrinkles, by using a formula which stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid to reduce the effects of aging skin. The lush scent and texture is an easily addictive way to add moisture to the body and keep the elasticity in check.

Photographed by Drew Penner