Slashed by Tia

by Paulette Ely

Slashed by Tia Fall/Winter 2019

Slashed by Tia Fall/Winter 2019

Teni “Tia” Adeola, founder of Slashed by Tia, is New York based with roots in Nigeria and London and has enough creativity to conquer the world at just 21 years old. The brand highlights sheer and ruffled looks that took instagram by storm and even gained recognition from stars such as Gigi Hadid and SZA. While designing and finishing her degree at The New School, Tia used her dorm room essentials as well as knowledge of social media to not only make her own brand but truly create an empire for young women in fashion. Inspired by Renaissance fashion, Slashed by Tia blends the here and now of street style with the sophistication of society’s past. Hop on the hype now, this girl is just getting started. 

You’re originally from Nigeria, grew up in London and are now based in New York. How have the different environments you have lived in shaped your style and artistic goals?

I often say “Slashed by Tia is for every girl “and this is because I’ve been surrounded by women from several countries around the world and I aim to make items that rightfully work for every girl yet still incorporate my interests. 

Can you recall when you first cultivated your passion for fashion?

Yes, from right when I was very young as far back as 5/6. Kids at that age are usually like I want to be a teacher or a fire fighter, but I always said I wanted to be a designer and would make clothes for my dolls and customize my school uniform till my mum complained. It was just something I always knew; I’ve always been drawn to clothing. 

Slashed by Tia Fall/Winter 2019

Slashed by Tia Fall/Winter 2019

What was it like for you to present at New York Fashion Week at only 20 years old?

It felt great, I’m pretty good with chaos and I always have such good people who genuinely love my clothes working with me and around me and that just makes it all worth it! 

How would you describe the aesthetic of Slashed by Tia?

I’d say modern renaissance.

How did you manage to create a brand while also being in school full time?

Taking on a brand and school simultaneously was something that just kind of happened. When I realized that I was actually responsible for people’s money and had women counting on me to look their best I had to become very responsible. Making notes of everything, not go out partying with my friends because I knew shipments had to go out by 10 the next day and I had class at 12 noon till 6 so if I slipped up, I’d be a day late. I just had to get my act together, make sacrifices and prioritize. 

What are your inspirations for your looks and your sheer fabric designs specifically?

I’m inspired particularly by the renaissance and continuously finding ways to put a modern twist to a time period where POC weren’t even acknowledged. The sheer in particular comes from living in New York and my confidence growing as an individual. I’m probably my most confident and boldest self since I’ve been living here and that’s translated into my art. I would’ve never dreamt of designing sheer clothes years ago while still living in Nigeria. 

Slashed by Tia Fall/Winter 2019

Slashed by Tia Fall/Winter 2019

Do you feel you have more success in the industry due to the fact that you are in the social media generation and know how to manage it due to your age?

I wouldn’t say I have more success because like you mentioned we are in the social media generation; everyone has access to it and is able to utilize it. What I would say is that it has put me in a position to be able to express myself and put out my art with no bounds. I’m able to explore my creative side and collaborate with amazing people to put out the best content to further push my brand. It’s something I enjoy doing and do authentically and people are drawn to authenticity. 

What’s next for you and for Slashed by Tia?

I’m graduating in May which I’m very nervous about but I’m also looking forward to it and being able to put all my time into growing it and owning my own showroom and hiring WOC. I’m also currently working on a graduation collection. 

Slashed by Tia Fall/Winter 2019

Slashed by Tia Fall/Winter 2019

Photographed by: Jason Rowe

Styled by: Bianca Arielle Bailey additional shoes and accessories by Nicole Saldana, Dannijo, and Nroda

Makeup: Alana Wright

Produced by Teni Adeola