Shoreline Mafia | Shrine Auditorium

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

Shoreline Mafia stormed into the Shrine Auditorium on Friday, May 3rd riding a wave most aspiring rappers and artists never experience. The Los Angeles based collective (who prefers to be called a “family”) began their grind back in 2012 and are now beginning to witness the fruits from their labor. Their trajectory perfectly reflects the plight of modern-day artists and musicians living in the streaming world. After gaining a small, but loyal fanbase their single “Musty,” rocketed the group into rap music’s stratosphere while racking up over 50 million views on Youtube. Sensing something stirring in the streets, Atlantic Records saw dollar signs emanating from Shoreline and signed them to a major record deal, which will keep fat stacks in their wallets for several years. And now, Shorline Mafia launches into a nationwide tour their calling “Still OTX,” which will see them expanding their brand with each show they play. Their back-to-back shows at the Shrine Auditorium served as a homecoming of sorts before the group explored the expansive terrain of the United States.

AZ Chike and R Baron hyped the crowd into a manic frenzy before Shoreline Mafia took the stage. When the group finally made their appearance, they ripped through discography performing hype tracks such as “Nun Major,” “Musty,” and “Bands.” If you could see through the dense marijuana haze floating through the venue, you’d notice members Ohgeesy, Rob Vicious, Fenix, and Master Kato growing into their roles as the headlining act after finding themselves as supporters for the last several years.

After laying down an electrifying rendition of “Breakdown,” their recently released single featuring Mac P Dawg, it was clear this group would no longer find themselves on the bottom of the bill anytime soon, they were now stars, and they were shining brighter than they’d ever shine before.

Photographed by May He