Shordie Shordie

by Jessica Romoff

Photographed by  BJ Panda Bear

Photographed by BJ Panda Bear

On an overcast day in Los Angeles, where the sky makes the city look exhausted, like stale smoke and dehydration, Shordie Shordie illuminates the room with his clear-sky-blue sunglasses and sun rise stride.

Shordie Shordie is a 22-year old rapper, who began his career as a member of the rap trio Peso Da Mafia. After, he sailed on his own as a solo artist, and strives to steer the Baltimore music scene with his album Captain Hook, featuring hit song “Bitchuary.” With his gritty voice and satin beats, Shordie snared and reeled over 30 million streams on the video and song combined. Keep a look out for his new music video coming June 14, and his tour beginning in July.

You grew up in Baltimore, listening to Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne, how do you think they have impacted your sound, or the way you write your lyrics?

They are great artists, I grew up listening to them. But I transformed myself into my own type of artist though, you feel me? They are themselves, they are unique. Wiz Khalifa is Wiz Khalifa, They are people. I just want people to hear me out.

What do you think that ‘unique’ thing about you would be?

I love females. I praise their shit. Ain’t too many other dudes out there that love females and praise them. So, I’m really into that. Nothing wrong with that. That’s me.

Photographed by  BJ Panda Bear

Photographed by BJ Panda Bear

On your new album, Captain Hook, what would you say that focuses on?

Pain, majority. In a lot of those songs, like, “Ungrateful” It was time. It’s more on an “Ungrateful” part of just time -  I can only have like two days with you. I can’t have all week. You feel me? “Ungrateful” wasn’t like a material thing, it was a time thing. So, like “Alone” wasn’t actually about me just being alone: it was actually me telling a story. Like, if I was alone, I wouldn’t be all messy, I wouldn’t talk so much. Niggas talk too much. You feel me? They speak about everything that they do like, they messy. You feel me? I wouldn’t be messy. If we were alone, it would be just us.

Your new song, “Voice Mail,” how was filming the music video for that? What inspired the visuals?

It was alright. It was fine, all my visuals are fun, especially behind the scenes. My energy. And me knowing where I want to go with certain shit. I know what direction I want to go. You feel me?

And what is that direction?

It’s just something different, something unique, something that somebody can capitalize off. You could be like, “I wanna go to Shordie Shordie for this, he’s energetic, he’s himself, he talks about females, he talks about real pain, talks about relatable shit.”

What would you say your biggest accomplishment is far? Your song “Bitchuary,” got over 30 million streams. Is there a moment that made you the most proud of yourself?

It’s just meeting all the top people that run these certain little companies that I’ve been running off of, like Soundcloud. I just met Soundcloud. It’s fun, it’s inspirational. So like it’s just the little things with me that count. I don’t really trip out too much off of the shows and stuff like that. I look at it like it’s expected. If I work this hard, and I be passionate with my music, I expect people to be as passionate with it too, listen to it, and give me the reaction that I get. The other shit ain’t expected. Meeting these companies, Youtube, Soundcloud, you all. It’s different, it’s different.

Who’s your favorite person that you’ve met when rising up in your career?

Wiz. He’s a cool guy. I think it was through “Bitchuary.” He was bumping the song one day, and I hit him in the DMs like, “Bro, um, thank you for supporting me.” And he appreciated it. Shot me the number and all that. He’s a cool guy

It’s insane getting to meet your heroes doing what you love. What was it like recording solo, rather than with your group, Peso Da Mafia?

It’s nothing different. It’s actually harder. It puts a bigger weight on my back. Cause it’s like everyone depending on me now. I can’t let nobody down, I can’t let myself down.

What has been the biggest struggle, would you say, doing it all on your own?

Like two months ago I couldn’t really make full verses. Now I can do that whenever I want to. I’m more flexible. Before it was like a hook and a verse. And after that I was giving myself the excuse, like “Nah I’m just gonna leave the song like that, cause it sounds good like that. It sounds good like that.” The whole time I was giving myself the excuse not to do a second verse. But it made myself stronger.

What would you say your goal is? What’s the ultimate peak?

Shit. There ain’t really like a goal. The sky is the limit, for real. There really ain’t no goal to it. Everything I can get, I’ll take it. I’m gonna take that, I’m gonna take those plaques, I’m gonna take all the achievements that come for me. I’m gonna take everything that comes for me. I believe it is a positive thing. I left a whole lifestyle alone, just for this, you feel me? So yea - positive.

What’s your favorite part about being on tour?

I love shows. I like people. I love everybody. I love me. Different cities. It makes you sometimes feel good about where you are from, and sometimes it makes you feel bad about where you’re from. Sometimes it’s like, damn I’m missing out on too much. But it’s the traveling part I enjoy. A lot.

Photographed by BJ Panda Bear