Reminiscing on Yuma's Finest | Tale Of Us / Kölsch

by Paulette Ely

If you’ve been to Coachella and haven’t stepped into the air conditioned beauty that is the Yuma Tent, I think you need a refund. Not only is Yuma a dark and divine disco vibe, the stage is home to some of the sickest sets of all time. This year, two acts shined brighter than any of the out-there ornamentations around them, and I had the pleasure of getting to know a little more about their roads to Yuma…


Photo by: Damiano Alessandri

Photo by: Damiano Alessandri

Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri comprise the killer collaboration that is Tale Of Us, and once their bond started there has been no slowing down. As both boys are studied sound engineers, music is of complete mastery to them. The yuma crowd greeting them with open arms and (widely) opened eyes, and we all can’t wait to see their next set.

Photo by: Damiano Alessandri

Photo by: Damiano Alessandri

What’s it like performing and producing as a duo?

We love performing, traveling and producing as a duo. Of course we have a professional relationship now but first we were friends and it still feels like traveling with a friend - something we can be very grateful for. We share the good times and the hard times equally.

How would you guys describe your sound and style of music?

Melodic and cinematic, electronic music. We are best known for our dancefloor records, but we also released an album of neo-classical, ambient music, so we do not think of ourselves just as techno artists. We keep evolving from one release to the next.

What was one Coachella necessity you could not have been without this weekend?


With a residency in Ibiza and so many shows around the world, what places specifically that you have traveled to or performed have influenced you?

As you say, Ibiza is for sure a big part of our lives at the moment. We spend our   summers there and it’s an amazing place to live, regardless of all the parties. The opportunities to connect with many artists and friends there, and the beautiful nature, have been influential. Playing in Berlin is for sure still inspiring, as are places like Tulum, Argentina, New York and, of course, our home Italy.

Any advice for those inspired by your performances and looking to produce music themselves?

For new producers, we think patience is vital. It takes time to find your own sound, your vision, and too many artists rush into releasing music. Having the discipline to keep on working with your head down until you have something truly special, it will be worth it in the long run.

What’s next for you guys?

We have a busy summer of Tale Of Us shows coming up which we’re really excited about. We are also developing the concept and production of our Afterlife events worldwide and there will be some big ones announced soon. We are putting the finishing touches to the next Realm Of Consciousness compilation on Afterlife Recordings now too, ready for June. Plenty of our regular label artists and some new names as usual.

Listen to their music here!


Image courtesy of Coachella

Image courtesy of Coachella

Kölsch, the Danish techno DJ destroyed the wooden dance floor in truly the best way possible. With funky sounds and tech-y tones, the thousands in audience attendance can be sure that this man dominates the game. Don’t believe me? Take a look:

How long have you been making music?

Ive been making music all my life. I stared playing instruments when i was around 7, After some years i realized that i wasn’t very good at it, so i turned to producing music. I got my first computer in 1993, and Amiga 500. After a while i was introduced to a primitive music program called Protracker that could sample and only had 4 tracks. My first Release was in 1995, and I haven’t looked back since. 

You have a very distinct techno/house sound. What would you say influenced this?

Everything from west coast rock to Vangelis to Talking heads. I come from a very musical family with diverse taste. From very early on i was exposed to very different music, so it all had a profound impact on my taste later on. In the early 90s i found detroit techno, and since then Ive been obsessed. I can say that it changed my life completely. I can trace so much of my musical taste back to my early years as a child. Thats what my album trilogy 1977, 1983 and 1989 is all about.

You have been all around the world to perform. Where was your favorite place and what was your favorite festival experience?

There is no favorite place and experience. There have been so many over the years. Obviously playing the Eiffel Tower was monumental, but for me the best experiences have always been small clubs or long sets. I love communicating with people though music. Molding the vibe over 9-10 hours is my favorite thing. I love a diverse crowd as well. There needs to be room for all kinds. It makes me feel so extremely happy to feel music unify people. 

Do you like producing or performing more?

Its two sides of being an artist. I need both to function. I love being creative in the Studio, but also to perform and test out ideas. A lot of time i will refine demos over an extended period of time. They will start out with an emotion, a sketch. Then they develop over many performances to something more whole. It  only works with the performing as well, so it is a huge part of the process. I used to spend day and night in my studio, but over the years it has become a place where i finalize the work. make it the best possible. 

What was your first Coachella like?

It was such a great experience. We went really early to take it all in, and we had a blast. So much art, and so much good music. Then we went to Joshua tree after my show. That was just magical. The US has magical places. 

Listen to his music here!