RAINS | Functionality and Design

by Jalyn Eaton

Rains started as a poncho design in 2012 and has since then become one of the most reputable international rainwear brands. Co-founders Daniel Brix and Philip Lotko met each other while studying at Denmark’s TEKO Design School and decided that what Scandanavia needed the most was a stylish way to get through the not-so-sunny weather. The brand, firmly rooted in Danish tradition, excels in finding a simplistic approach to functional design. We got to speak with Philip about functionality and design.

What made you decide that rainwear was the industry you wanted to pursue?

We are 3 partners is RAINS – and Daniel and I created RAINS back in 2012, which is based on an early initiative to reinterpret the traditional rubber raincoat in a contemporary way.

The brand started off with just a poncho. At what point did you know that Rains could be expanded into this much bigger thing?

We had a few key styles to build around the brand when we started back in 2012 – and already then we could see that the concept offered something new and interesting, which wasn’t on back then.

How do you balance functionality and design? Is there one aspect that’s more important than the other? 

We have since 2012 grown into creating an international rainwear brand mixing function with fashion – our product DNA is classic but innovative and we are always searching for new ways of developing the brand – that’s our constant motivation and inspiration. The Scandinavian design DNA is in almost everything we do – that’s why keeping designs simple and functional is key for us.   

How do you choose the cities where you place your concept stores?

Our retail has developed some comprehensive analysis tools in order to help our decision-making process on this – it’s based in wholesale / e-com business + social media engagement.  

What’s the hardest part about co-running a brand?

It’s not hard with the right partners.

What’s the most rewarding?

Seeing so many people activated and living around the brand is truly amazing.

If you weren’t doing fashion, what would you be doing?

We have always been motivated by creating and stayed curious – I don’t think that would change, if we didn’t worked with RAINS…

Photos courtesy of RAINS