Protect The Blood! | Mad Decent and Friends Rage Against Leukemia at the Echoplex

by Anahita Safarzadeh


Remy Marc stepped out from behind the curtain this week to address some important issues about Leukemia and the fight against blood cancer. Last year, Caleb Gauge from Lil Death X Restless Nites events was diagnosed with Leukemia out of nowhere and only armed with his extreme discipline and self motivation, he enlisted a team of medical specialists and friend’s to fight his way out of cancers grasp.

Although Caleb made a recovery, blood cancer, like other forms of the disease, can recur in the body, hence Remy and others have banded together to Protect The Blood with a groundbreaking fundraiser with the Leukemia & Leukemia Society.

This Thursday, the Protect The Blood benefit will rage at the Echoplex hosted by Mad Decent and Team Youngblood. The team over at YoungBlood reached out for donations as well as attendance for the rager.