Flaunt Premiere | PLS&TY “Run Wild & Feeling Forever"

by Hannah Jackson

PLS&TY is celebrating the release of his new EP Run Wild / Feeling Forever by dropping a two-part music video. The American DJ’s largest visual project to date, the 7-minute video follows a woman on her journey through space and time on the hunt for an unknown thing.

“Run Wild” offers a dystopian, scientific view of the future, where the protagonist is dealing with virtual reality, supported by the song’s strong beat and head-bopping bass drops. Part II, “Feeling Forever” continues on with the woman’s journey, instead looking within. Both halves explore themes of love, connection, and virtual reality.

The songs, though distinct, share a common thread that makes the transition from one video to the other seamless. Flaunt is pleased to premiere PLS&TY’s new video for Run Wild / Feeling Forever. Check it out below along with our interview with the DJ.

The music video for Run Wild/Feeling Foreveris a visually stunning two-part project. Could you walk us through the creative process?

The idea is a concept that the director, Sean Cartwright, has been developing for a few years. I have always been fascinated with non-linear narratives and experimental formats. In its most basic form, the concept is about feeling lost and isolated, exploring the world around you, and looking within yourself to discover who you are. The narrative is a dive into one woman’s psychological journey through time and space, searching for something she’s lost. The highly stylized, dystopian setting was ideal to establish the alternate world, allowing the story to unfold in its own dimension. It was also important to showcase a powerful, independent female lead who takes control of her situation with both vulnerability and strength. It took a fantastic team of individuals involved to pull off project, & I’m tremendously proud of the results. 


The video explores various themes including virtual reality, technology, and simulation. What are your thoughts on the advancements of VR in the music industry?

I believe that advancements of VR have of the potential to entirely transform the music industry - for better or worse. A popular idea is one of live music experiences in virtual reality, where fans can enjoy their favorite artist’s concerts in the comfort of their own home. I find that this concept simply expands upon what many festivals are already providing - livestreams. If virtual reality becomes the new wave of how audiences may watch festival livestreams, I believe it’s just an enhanced technological experience. Yet, I find that the all-encompassing experience of true performance is one that can only be had in person, without confinement to a headset or goggles. 

What do you want audiences to take away from the video?

I desire for audiences to find their own unique meanings to the video. The narrative is purposely abstract to allow for individual interpretations and self-discovery. 

You released "Run Wild" in the summer of 2017, which has amassed over 10M streams on YouTube alone. What inspired you to combine the track with “Feeling Forever” for this EP? 

"Run Wild" was first made available for free download on Soundcloud alone in the summer of 2017. After release, and an explosion of positive response, I desired to make it available as an official release across all digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes, etc.) Packaging it with “Feeling Forever”, a record that was actually written as a sequel to “Run Wild”, gave listeners something brand new with a similar feel to the record they knew and loved. 

Run Wild/Feeling Forever(The Remixes) dropped earlier this month and features diverse remakes of your tracks from the likes of Bondax, Vindata, YehMe2, and more. How do you go about selecting the right artist for each remix?

I believe in order to select the right artist for Remix projects, it takes a vast familiarity with the Remixer’s discography, and to a narrower extent, their sound. Each artist is handpicked with a belief that their specific sound (& what makes them unique) can reimagine the original piece with a new spark that listeners will enjoy. 

You have a couple of performances coming up at Breakaway Festival and Dancefestopia. What do you do to prepare for a large festival crowd?

In fact, I forget about the crowd entirely, in an attempt to appeal to nobody but myself. This year has been monumental in self-discovery for me; my festival sets contain songs that I enjoy, that inspire me, and nothing but. Hopefully, the audience loves them just as much.

Your sound is typically described as ‘future bass’. Are there any other sub genres that you see yourself dipping into?

With inspiration coming from all genres, I certainly do not want to restrict my musical journey to one avenue. I desire to create and collaborate with individuals from many different genres - hip-hop, RnB, reggae, pop, etc. 

A lot of your music tends to draw influences from around the world. What do you think is the importance of integrating international music and sounds into your own?

Music brings cultures and individuals from all walks of life together. I desire to create music that inspires around the world. In doing so, I hope to foster a community for listeners and fans that is not confined to one geographical area, bringing people closer together no matter where they are in the world, and opening doors full of new friends, beginnings and perspectives.

What can fans expect from you next?

Listeners can expect a brand new EP featuring artists like Sean Kingston, a U.S. tour announcement, & more soon!