by flaunt

Flaunt's Regular Roundup of the Weird, Wonderful, and Terrifying


Following injury that prevents her from wearing heels, model Lindsey Wixson announces she's changing gears to become a pottery designer. 


Elie Saab’s Fall 2017 Couture show is a testament to bands of “brave warrior queens” everywhere.


Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed. A bear attacked a camp counselor while he slept in a sleeping bag along the camp’s lakefront, dragging him roughly 10 feet before the teen was able to break free.


Like father, like son. When The Times told Trump Jr. they were going to publish a set of emails revealing his meeting with a Russian lawyer he believed would give him compromising info on Hillary Clinton as an effort from the Russian govt to aid his father's candidacy, the president's eldest decided to air his dirty laundry himself via Twitter


Dwayne, The Rock, and now Mr. President? Although not officially tied to the former WWE wrestler, Run the Rock 2020 now has an official political committee draft registered with the FEC.