Palm Springsteen | "Sister Sister" Party

by Jake Carver

Last week, Palm Springsteen celebrated the release of their new music video for "Sister Sister" with a night of libations and partying underneath an oversized disco ball at La Poubelle. The Gilbert Trejo-directed music video is a visual spectacle, interlacing shots of the band, vibrantly painted and backlit, with urban nightlife.

Frontman Nick Hinman explains, "Gilbert and I wanted to recreate this scene from Liquid Sky, which is simultaneously about the club scene in New York in the 80’s and about aliens who come down to extract endorphins from people’s orgasms. There’s a scene where Anna Carlisle plays both the male and female leads, and gives a monologue wearing blacklight makeup. We recreated it in our own way, all on 16mm film, and wanted to simulate the rush of going nowhere fast.”

Palm Springsteen performs at The Roxy Theater on June 30th grab tickets here.

Photographed by Kevin Hayeland