Obscene City : 162 Double Standards

by Matthew Bedard

Matthew Bedard Obscene City 162.png

We, at Flaunt, can be said to have a bit of a sweet tooth. We like our glamour, we like our glory, we like our mayonnaise on our bolognese. Yet, as it’s said of a sweet tooth... too much of a good thing...it hurts! So we’ll measure our headaches by our hearts won, the first thumping love box belonging to one Ermenegildo Zegna. He voyaged from Milano to LA to toast this summer’s The Prelude Issue cover star, Bill Skarsgård. The actor moved about the selective guest list at Hollywood’s new Beauty & Essex like a stingray (all of the moves but none of the barbs!). I mean, what a sweetie for being so creepy on TV. Maestro Dobel Tequila was on the pour, and sweet sounds from the likes of DJ Jihaari and Darren Rademaker made us forget it was just another manic Monday. Rather, we sought orgiastic abandon in the otherwise quiet City of Angels. Having had our fill of hunky Swedes (Bill rolled to his cover party with his older bro, Alex, and we hearted the hardened...chests), we corralled a bevy of beauties up Trousdale way for a sunset fête. Bitching Spanish outfitter, Adriana Iglesias, brought an Ibizan attitude and an affinity for the Maestro Dobel Tequila, and Marcel Vigneron’s carnivorous Wolf delights on dish. Our jaws were kept looser than our hemlines as we thumped and fist-pumped to the deep house sounds of Yaya Mix and Vivien James. Sweet tooths stinging with all that groove, we decided to ice it down, properly, in Moscow! We toasted the Bvlgari: A Tribute to Femininity, a gargantuan exhibition of the Roman house’s fabled jewels and artifacts. We were amidst a grip of famous fashionistas flown from the far reaches of this beautiful planet, that we just learned was, get this, round. To NYC for some F-dubya action,
we toasted our pals, Prada, at their freaky fun celebration of Linea Rossa. Never mind that they weren’t even showing! Keeping it in the family, and longing for our Bev Hills orthodontic, cosmetic doctor and god dad, we necked it back to LaLa just in time to celebrate Miu Miu Type, a capsule collection dropped at Maxfield amidst a fleet of laughed-up Young Hollywood. Novocaine may sound like a space mission, which rhymes with another favorite body-tingling noun of ours (“November Rain,” of course), and it is!