VIDEO PREMIERE: Sebastien Chenut of Scratch Massive releases new COLLAB with C.A.R.

by flaunt

Electronic music composer (and former Flaunt featuree) Sebastien Chenut has been making music for over a decade now, most famously as half of the whole that makes up French electro duo Scratch Massive. His latest is a seven track EP titled Motor of Love, which takes the listener along for a galactic techno journey, which brings a spellbinding and cinematic energy onto the dance floor.

Accompanying the release of Chenut’s EP will be a four-piece music video including his collaboration with French-Canadian artist Chloé Raunet’s creative alias, C.A.R. The four minute video is a remix of Chenut’s M.O.L.R.M.X. and C.A.R’s Asleep At The Wheel live version. It’s no surprise then that the collaboration between these two unique individuals resulted in a potent and powerful brew. Their four minute video is filled with shadowy drones and curious synth chords all building to an explosive crescendo.

Check out the premier of Sebastien Chenut’s and C.A.R.’s collaboration video below:

Written by Eva Barragan