All Come to the Mother Ship for Love

by Zazie Helper


All Come to the Mother Ship for Love

UFO 2012, a Trip aboard the Mothership and Our Cosmic Birthrights

UFO 2012 is this band of seven goodlooking headsters who all are up to all manner of rascally (Kassia Meador, pro-surfer/photographer: Noot Seear, actress: Kelsey Margerison, model: Aska Matsumiya, artist: Farmer Dave Scher, purveyor of Farmer Dave’s Hot Nuts: David Mushegain, fashion photographer: Sean Line, artist). A diverse crew but all are more or less oceanic in disposition (yes the collaboration owes its coming together to a surf shop in Venice—the Mullosk). And they make a kind of music that sounds like the ocean—and what’s more fucked up than the ocean? Everything in it is fucked up. All that moaning droning vibration is fucked up. Whales and dolphins are fucked up. Squids are fucked up. Starfish are fucked up. It’s like this big fucked up cauldron or belly with all this fucked-up stuff in it moving all over in waves. And waves. Waves are really fucked up. You tap into them. You ride them. And waves ride you back, which is fucked up. UFO 2012 is like that, like a machine making wave thing. An ocean, the ocean—that rides you, in you, in light, in waves, soul-probing your rascalshoot before abandoning you to the everyday drudgeries of Dryland.

Because we’re curious and cool, we asked the band some questions, and because they’re cool, they answered the fuck out of them.

We’ve heard a lot of rumors about a secret band member. Who is it?

Solganda! He is in charge of all the earth business matters. Alien in training. You might encounter Solganda if you stick around.

Do audience members report side effects regards being abducted by UFO 2012? Nausea? Feelings of belonging? Fits of hysteria?

An abduction is a much more intimate and immersive experience. We do not practice abduction by force. In fact it only occurs when the audience member accepts the invitation via imagination.

With acceptance of everything in the moment, you can surrender to the vibrations and tune into the frequencies. With this full acceptance, the ego and criticism evaporates and allows one to transcend the physical and visual dimensions of space-time and enter into a psycho-spiritual place of extreme physical is then that the body and mind is prepared for the inter-dimensional time travel which can take you deep into yourself and really far out into enlightened states.

The most powerful and impressive experiences happen during the private sessions such as the INT-001 abduction experiments we recently held at The Integratron (a tholos bathouse of sound designed by George Van Tassel near Joshua Tree). The geomagnetic vortex under the land and the acoustic structure of the dome emphasize and enhance the effects of the crystal bowl vibrations. Physical effects include tingling skin, hairs standing on end, relaxation and elation...even skeptical participants have empathized with out of body experiences and some cynics have agreed, describing it afterwards as something like an “inner-galactic vision quest.”

You’re stranded on Mars with a half-lizard creature featuring the head of Judi Dench. Do you attempt procreation, in hopes that your new hybrid species survives, or do you cook the creature, living out your days eating delicious lizard-Dench meat?

Personally, UFO 2012 never eat or fuck things that disgust us. We would either find the fruits of Mars, or if it was a certain doom situation ... we would simply conserve our energy by controlling our breath, meditating and focusing our intentions to generate and sustain positive energy until our bodies stop functioning, decompose and disperse into context... where, in this case, UFO 2012 would become Mars itself.

What cosmic/astrological event would best describe a UFO2012 concert? Asteroid shower? Collapse of a star? Black hole?

UFO2012 would definitely not be a black hole ... in fact, it would be the opposite ... a white hole.

A black hole pulls all matter and energy into itself and does not allow anything, including light, to escape ... a white hole is the inverse ... radiating vibrations of love, light and positive energy out from the core and into the universe.

Who in the band is most likely an alien-life form?  

We are all aliens. UFO 2012. Yourself. Flaunt readers. Everybody...

Each and every one of us are cosmic beings on a planet hurtling through space. Most people go along not considering it. The way we act as earth people is a collective dream we all feed into....

....but a celestial spark of cosmic consciousness is alive inside all of us.  Awakening to it and nurturing it is the next step in human evolution, and our birthright.

UFO 2012 is aware of this, and formed to collectively dream on that idea. The form and approach of UFO 2012 lifts the veil of reality and demonstrates that we are all space beings and the Cosmos is our home, inside and out.

There’s truth in the frequencies

And power in the tones.

Above and beyond any single member,

UFO 2012 collectively exists to blow your mind.

Love and Light.

Photography: Ward Robinson at