Bella Thorne and Prince Fox on Their Summer Anthem "Just Call"

by flaunt

Bella Thorne is a force to be reckoned with. Since 2003 she has been making a variety of film and TV appearances as an actress, becoming a household name in the entertainment industry. Most recently Thorne landed a starring role in Netflix original You Get Me and Freeform series Famous In Love. Back in 2014 she tried her hand at becoming a musician but threw in the towel after releasing just one solo EP panning her sound was “too cheesy.” Now, nearly three years later, Thorne is back in the game, starting with a collaborative single alongside DJ and producer Prince Fox and the starlet has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

We got on the phone to speak with Bella and Prince Fox on the collaboration of their new summer pop anthem “Just Call,” why Prince Fox changed direction from remixing to original productions, and how Bella balances acting with her budding musical career.

“I used to be so uncomfortable with my voice and after the first time making music I told myself, 'Never again!' Thorne admits. "But like they say, ‘Never say never.'” Her love for making music was reignited after filming Midnight Sun (premiering 2018) opposite Patrick Schwarzenegger. Thorne gained the courage to start singing professionally again after receiving praise from her ex-boyfriend.

“My character in the film had to sing and play guitar and it really made me love it again,” she says. “My ex who’s a singer was like, ‘Your voice is fire you need to sing.’ That really gave me the confidence to give it another try.”

Thorne and Prince Fox joined forces after a chance encounter at a party. Prince Fox tells me when he sent Thorne the original demo for “Just Call” she loved it and insisted they sing it as a duet.

“She just said, 'Your voice should be on this track too, they’re your lyrics,” Fox says. “Working with Bella has been amazing. She always brings good vibes and working together has just been really smooth and easy.”

Prince first made a name for himself in the industry by producing popular remixes for songs like Florence and the Machines' “You Got The Love" but he tells me at the end of the day creating original music has always been the goal. "Writing is really where my heart and soul is," he says. 

As for Thorne, when it's a choice between singing and acting, film wins out. However, her schedule for the coming days suggests music is taking over.

"I literally have two studio music sessions today," she says.  "And tomorrow I have a recording."  

Thorne tells me that in the future she is leaning heavily towards releasing music under the name Avery.

"I think for my features I’ll use my regular name because that's why people want you on their track, to bring your fan base with you," she says. "But for my actual music, the shit that I wrote everything for and I'm actually singing, that’s what I’ll use the alias Avery for."

Thorne will be going on tour at the end of the year. There's no word as to when Thorne plans to release her new music to the public but until then, take a listen to Thorne and Prince Fox's single "Just Call" to hold you over.

Written by: Eva Barragan