MorMor | Morrocan Lounge

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

It was a sold-out show Tuesday evening at the Moroccan Lounge as MorMor concluded his nationwide tour with a stop in Los Angeles. Having recently released his EP, Some Place Else, there was a buzz in the air as fans were excited to hear what this rising indie-rock singer-songwriter could do in a live setting.

Before MorMor took the stage, his opener, duendita, performed an intimate and vulnerable set. Usually backed by a band, duendita took the stage solo, accompanied only by an arpeggiator and her excellent voice. A sampling of birds chirping played throughout her set, setting the mood for the delicacy of her performance. What she may have missed in volume without a full backing band, she made up for with the sincere emotion she put forth in her songs. She oftentimes mentioned her excitement with life after completing a tour with MorMor, and her happiness was reflected in her music.

MorMor took the stage a little past 10pm to a buzzing crowd. Having made his name on the Toronto scene with songs such as “Waiting on the Warmth,” “Pass the Hours,” and “Whatever Comes to Mind,” the audience was eager to know hear his voice transferred to the live stage—and they were not disappointed. Playing guitar and backed by a live band, MorMor came across as this generation’s heir to Prince, his voice reaching the same heights as the late, legendary singer. The audience held onto every word he sang, and his songs acted as a revelation, as we collectively witnessed a star being born, right before our eyes.

When MorMor finally wrapped up the set, we exited the Moroccan Lounge as if we had just been baptized. We had seen the light of music, and his name was MorMor.

Photographed by Christopher Andrew Armstrong