Marta Pozzan x Recess Worldwide

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

“When people show you who they are believe them,” is not only a quote by the enormously influential poet Maya Angelou but it also functions as the profile for Marta Pozzan, or known to many as simply @martapozzan. The Instagram and blog world “It Girl,” has amassed over 400k followers over the course of less than two thousand posts and dedicates her gram to showing off her honest, and best life.

Hard work has paid off for the Italian blogger who first gained notoriety on the internet when she started the blog It’s Super Fashion back in 2012. Forbes described her as a “globe-trotting influencer who travels from fashion week to fashion week,” in their article titled “Micro-Influencers: The Marketing Force of the Future?” and she made appearances in various magazines including The Daily Front Row, Ladygunn, and GQ Italy. Today, she finds herself as the top model for Recess Worldwide’s year-long pop-up inside the Fred Segal store on Sunset and La Cienega. Flaunt spoke with the rising model, blogger, and influencer about how the shoot came about, who she champions as her favorite designers, and where her career will take her next.

How did you find yourself as the top model for this shoot? 

I met Max Laven (founder of Recess Worldwide) a year ago at a birthday party but we then reconnected just recently as I was doing and IG takeover for an event at Fred Segal and he told me all about RECESS and - being a super passionate person - I was like ‘this is awesome, let’s collaborate!’ so we came up with a concept for the shoot and decided on the pieces we wanted to highlight. And this is only the first one of many!

Who was your stylist for the shoot? Have you worked with them before?

Max creative directed the entire shoot, from picking the clothes to staging the store to a NY 90’s loft and to the choice of my Gwen Stefani hair style. My regular stylist is amazing and I’m sure we’ll use her for our next shoots, her name is Star Butleigh.

Is there a difference between working on shoots for a pop-up company compared to modelling for a high-corporate brand?

For sure. This was a very relaxed and ‘free-style’ shoot in the sense that we didn’t have anybody giving us strict guidelines to follow and it was so much fun. High-corporate brands are very different as their identity has been defined and shaped in the same way for years and years sometimes so in photo shoots you have to keep that in mind and recreate those exact aesthetics.

Tell us about the jacket you’re wearing in most of these pictures. Who was the designer?

So that’s a sick vintage Gucci jacket (I think it’s from the Gucci Tom Ford era) with leather collar and finishings. It’s more like a shirt but since it’s quite thick it can work as a jacket. [Max can tell you more about it].

Max: The Gucci Shirting was perfect for Marta, she has the perfect body type for that grail piece. That Gucci shirt has the perfect amount of finishing detail to make it pop. This was around the Era when Tom Ford took over Gucci. 

Which article of clothing did you enjoy modelling the best?

Well those Dior sunglasses are quite the piece; they remind me a lot of old school music videos and Carrie from Sex & The City!

A few of these photos feature your hair in braids. Is this a style you usually wear? Or was it something different for you?

So aside from braiding my hair during Coachella I don’t normally braid my hair but I must say I loved this look, it really brought me back to the 90’s and that was exactly the vibe we were going for!

Recess features a rotating selection of brands. Since their inception, they’ve featured items from Treasures, Saint Luis, and now Diet Starts Monday. Who do you hope shows up next at the store?

Max: We started off with Treasures of NYC and Saint Luis NYC. We plan to only usually have one brand in the store per month. Diet Starts Monday ends on April 30th. May 2nd Saint Luis is doing his own activation, with a few different events surrounding it. June, July, and August are all confirmed and confidential. 

If you could model one designer for the rest of your career, who would it be?

Omg Miu Miu. J’adore Miuccia since I’m 15!

What are some items for sale at Recess Worldwide which you think is essential for every girl this season?

Love this question. Ok there’s so many amazing Chanel bags, like not the most classical ones but some with unique fabrics and shapes and I think that’s super iconic and funky at the same time. The Fendi pants with the logo all over are also super cool; in fact when I posted a pic of me wearing them a girl asked me where she could find them and the day after she was at RECESS getting her pair! All the vintage Dior sunglasses are amazing and still super relevant to this day. And there’s this one Dior bucket hat that’s just adorable. I wore it this season at Coachella

There’s an incredible photo with you and, what looks to be, the most happiest puppy in the whole world. Whose dog was this? And how did you enjoy working with animals?

I know!!! I LOVE ANIMALS SO MUCH. We were shooting by the pool at the apartment building next door and we saw these two dogs; they were too cute not to be photographed so we asked their owner. She was super nice and she actually told us that one of them (Milo, the one in the photo) was a better poser than the other one,  Mango. I love dogs so so much, every time I see one I have to pet it. I’ve only worked with dogs on a shoot once before and I had so much fun but Milo was so cute and obedient! Find them on IG: @miloandmango. Recess will always interchange with brands. Until the end of the Month treasures of NYC are in the shop as well as Diet Starts Monday. We might being dropping a shoe next week!

Photographed by Castro Clifton at Fred Segal.