Photo Recap: Lightning in a Bottle

by Flaunt Magazine

Once a year we tighten our wristbands, pull out the galaxy-print leggings, limber up, and prepare our fragile minds for a weekend of serotonin-depleting, soul-expanding, raucous good times at Lightning in a Bottle. The festival, an annual awakening of spirituality, artistic expression, and song courtesy The Do-Lab—who are also responsible for Coachella’s arguably most euphoric tent—has evolved from a dusty indie gathering into a can't-miss cultural event. LIB’s diversity as a festival gives the vibe an almost addictive quality, as festival-goers boogie from yoga practice to a swim in the lake to an interactive art exhibit before stumbling upon an Anderson .Paak concert just a few steps away. Our very own Gitte Meldegaard . served as our eyes and ears on the ground. Lord knows you don't remember what went down, so scope the photos above for a refresher.