Lafawndah | "Daddy"

by Hannah Jackson

Photographed by Mathilde Agius

Photographed by Mathilde Agius

Save for a set of crimson, talon-like nails, Lafawndah’s newest video “Daddy,” is incredibly sparse. A basic set of black backgrounds, open doorways and minimalistic light allows for the viewer to focus entirely on the conversation Lafawndah—real name Yasmine Dubois—performs with her mother, Zohreh.

For the French-born Egyptian-Iranian singer, “Daddy” is the most personal piece to date. Examining “Daddy” as “the journey to discern what you retain and what you release from your family,” Lafawndah considered the video experimental, as her mother—whose Flamenco dancing is heavily featured—was previously very private with her dance, leading to uncertainty about the final product.

“Daddy” is not only special due to its personal nature, but also because of the role Lafawndah played in its creation. The video, which was shot in London last spring, was co-directed by Lafawndah and Claire Arnold.

It seems rare to see a music video that so heavily features dance as its primary visual element. Zohreh’s technical Flamenco dancing paired with her daughter’s more fluid, experimental movements is the perfect juxtaposition for Lafawndah’s intentions: viewers can see her mother’s influence, but also where she has decided to diverge and go her own way.

A track from her new album ANCESTOR BOY, “Daddy” offers listeners a softer side of Lafawndah’s often harder-hitting bops. Yet, her characteristic Caribbean drumbeat allows the album’s outlier to remain cohesive with the rest of ANCESTOR BOY.


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