The Beautiful Flower Is The World | Jerry Hsu

by Jalyn Eaton

Known for his project “Table for One” featuring pictures of strangers eating alone, Los Angeles-based artist Jerry Hsu makes it known that he is more than just a skater. With his new book “The Beautiful Flower is the World”, Hsu captures the typically mundane, overlooked parts of life and finds beauty in them.

The idea started as a blog in 2009 called NAZI GOLD where the artist documented cellphone pictures of friends, strangers, skate culture, grocery store labels, and anything else worthy of Hsu’s gaze. Since then, it has become a work that embodies the voyeuristic and humorous eye of the legendary skateboarder and artist.

Jerry Hsu juxtaposes classic references to art history like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa with cell phone photography in a way that evokes a much deeper theme than what can be seen on the surface. “The Beautiful Flower is the World” takes its readers on a trip through the highs and lows of American culture while keeping in mind that life should never be taken too seriously.

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