Flaunt Premiere | Jay Wadley "ADAM"

by Hannah Jackson

Upcoming coming-of-age comedy Adam, is like any coming-of-age story: awkward, funny, and charming. However, Adam packs a massive twist: the titular teen (plated by Nicholas Alexander) is mistakenly assumed to be trans by love interest Gillian (Bobbi Salvör Menuez). Not wanting to squander his chances with Gillian, Adam plays along, creating a complicated situation he is ill-equipped to handle.

Flaunt is pleased to premiere the film’s titular track, a fresh electronic beat that sounds as though the Stranger Things theme time traveled to 2006. The rest of the soundtrack, featuring an original score by composer Jay Wadley, will be released via Lakeshore Records on August 23rd.

Adam, which premiered August 14th, marks the directorial debut of Rhys Ernst, and comes from producers Brokeback Mountain. The film also features performances by Leo Shang, The Society’s Chloe Levine, and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’s Margaret Qualley.

Check out “Adam” by Jay Wadley below.