Flaunt Premiere | Jasper Lotti "Idea of Me"

by Armine Gulyan

Flaunt is premiering experimental pop musician Jasper Lotti’s newest single, “Idea of Me,” along with an accompanying music video that was shot on a Macbook. This is the latest single that will be included in her upcoming Fall debut EP, XOskeleton. Jasper Lotti produces, writes, records and performs all of her own music, thus having full control over her unique sound. With her new release “Idea of Me,” Lotti presents a relaxed beat, haunting vocals, and an inquisitive subject matter.

Throughout this track, Lotti challenges the idea of being a romantic interest by asking the question, “Do you love me, or do you love the idea of me?” A relationship based on the romanticization of the other individual cannot stay stable for long due to the willful ignorance of the rest of that person’s personality that is at play. In an age of social media, one can create an image that they think will attract people to them, thus perpetuating a romantic view of their own life. Lotti’s haunting vocals, which combine with a background vocal for some beautiful harmonies, lay over a slow and steady beat to create a more soothing and intriguing track that would pair perfectly with a late-night drive. Lotti explained, “In this day and age, humans have numerous representations of self –– digital, social media and IRL. And when we percieve each other, we often see a transmutation of these depictions — a morph of ideas. But I find the problem is, where does the true self reside? Are we truly being seen by each other for who we really are? I wanted to bring attention to these concepts.”

The music video fosters a DIY sensibility, showing Lotti in front of her camera dancing to the beat of the song—directly reflecting her own self-made process as a musician. The dancing also reflects Lotti’s own creative process, a process that utilizes the exploration of bodily movement to open up new avenues of musical expression. As Lotti mentions, “We shot the video on my Macbook, placed between elevators on the 5th floor of the Bonaventure Hotel in DTLA. I play into my laptop’s gaze as hotel figures pass by.“ This public performance also caught the attention of many passerby’s. She mentions that, “One guy even stops and does a double-take, peering into the camera himself. I didn’t break character — I hope I freaked him out! I was intrigued by the idea of being aware my public presence, yet being in my own bubble. I was existing in my own world, facing my own reflection, unperturbed.”

Check out Jasper Lotti’s music video for her new single, “Idea of Me”!