Jamie Jones B2B The Martinez Brothers Recap

by Paulette Ely

House music heroes Jamie Jones and The Martinez Brothers took on the challenge of an all night back to back set that had hundreds of dance music lovers and socialites alike dancing until literally the break of dawn.

Jamie Jones, the supreme Welsh DJ/producer and two time DJ Awards winner continued his creative collaboration recently with The Martinez Brothers, a duo of actual brothers from the bronx who have dominated the club scene by stunting on all of us with their work in Ibiza’s incomparable night life. The Hollywood Palladium and all of the wonderful attendees welcomed these 3 dudes with open arms and open eyes (thanks, stimulants!) for a spectacular 7 hour B2B set from 9 pm to 4 am. Drinks were a-rolling all night long and the music never skipped a beat, as songs turned into more songs and strangers in the crowd turned into friends. There is a lot more in store for Jamie and The Bro’s, but for now we’ll let them rest and recover from this one for a little while. In the meantime, make sure to check out their tunes and even give their recorded B2B sets a listen on Soundcloud. A little house party never killed nobody, except when it keeps you up until the sunrises. 

Photos by: Paulette Ely