Flaunt Premiere | Jaguar Jonze's "Beijing Baby"

by Morgan Vickery

Deena Lynch (a.k.a. Jaguar Jonze) is nothing short of a manifold visionary: she's the musician and artist behind Spectator Jonze (visual art) and Dusky Jonze (photography) creative projects. First using songwriting as a way to help manage the grief of having a close friend pass away, she eventually found herself becoming a mental health advocate via talking about her struggles and experiences through various media. Though each of Deena’s projects has its own unique identity, they all aim to confront shame and social taboos. "Everything I do stems from the need for dialogue - Jaguar being an internal dialogue with my subconscious, Spectator being an external dialogue with others on mental health and the mind and Dusky being a dialogue with the body,” the artist explained.

Jaguar Jonze’s latest ethereal-pop single “Beijing Baby” is technically about those who hide behind their privilege; however, it’s also a nod to the family-related hardships she had to go through as a child and the PTSD that looms over her life to this day.

Today, we premiere the official music video for this single. A foreword from the artist: “‘Beijing Baby’ is about facades and hiding behind privilege. It touches on the obsession of materialism and the forever-chase to fill insatiable voids. The song shines light on how it affects our behavior and the hurt it can cause. I wanted to portray this in the music video conceptually, which is the reason behind the opulent robe, long drapes of sleeves and the mask.”

Written by: Valerie Stepanova

Director: Ben Gerbanas

DoP: Alex Cummings

Pusher Films

Producer: Deena Lynch

Camera Assistant: Jack Dowley

Lighting Assistant & BTS: Cam Attree

Costume Designer: Cindy Vogels

Make Up Artist: Carly Lim

Hair Stylist: Annie McDonald

Set Designer: Nick Wood

Assistants: Hayden Bradshaw & Chloe Mills