Hermès Carré Club

by BJ Panda Bear

On a crisp Fall night (for Angelenos this simply means any temp below 70 degrees), Hollywood was giddy to shake out their Autumnal throes for an outing on Melrose Ave. Bags and necks draped in Hermès scarves for the launch of the très chic, française monolith Hermès’ #CarreClub. The immersive setting was a celebration of the iconic square, and the rich artistry of the heritage brand’s craftsmanship.

At the entrance, guests were greeted with a Carré click and a membership card which allowed for exclusives and a covetable members patch. After the check in, guests entered a Wonka-esque working atelier featuring studios by Cyrille Diatkine, who created speedy portraits of guests as part his "Sketchomaton" session. Edouard Baribeaud colored the intricate drawings printed on the ‘carre’ scarves’. The illustrator Virginie Jamin improvised around her scarf designs and Alice Shirley shared her creative process, painting of an array animals in vibrant, surreal settings. Most impressive was the giant printing installation by Octave Marsal and Théo de Gueltzl which fused performance and craftsmanship in their organic forms.

The event offered a gif photobooth against a wall of decadent red velvet, while a row of land-line retro phones sharing Carrés memorable moments. A self-contained Carré OK (pronounced ‘Karaoke’) provided a much-needed moment of song and dance; at one point the open doors inspired a spur-of-the-moment dance party. Next to the booth drenched in the baroque prints was the cafe providing nibbles of sandwiches and canape— all presented as squares, of course.

In this world of decadent squares, the Hermès Carré Club has stylishly adapted two centuries of French heritage for their modern Hollywood devotées.

Hermès Carré Club is open until November 11, 12pm - 8pm. Free Admission

8175 Melrose Avenue.

Photos courtesy of Hermès