Hennessy x Felipe Pantone | V.S. Limited Edition Release

by Hannah Jackson

The worlds of art and cognac have collided with a new collaboration from Hennessy and Argentine-Spanish contemporary artist Felipe Pantone. Pantone’s reimagined design of the iconic Hennessy bottle is now on shelves for a limited time only.

Based on the artist’s piece W-3 Dimensional Three Stars, the notoriously mysterious Pantone collaborated with the liquor brand to create a piece both representative of Hennessy’s past and also reflective of the artist’s bold and geometric style of kinetic art.

Pantone has been a graffiti artist since the age of 12—perhaps one of the reasons why the artist insists on keeping his face hidden. He also graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and is based in Valencia, Spain. Though we may not know his face, his work stands out on its own, recognizable by its bright color, gridline patterns, geometric shapes—a successful combination between an analog past and cyborg future.

Hennessy has a long history of supporting the arts, having previous limited edition collaborations with notable artists such as Shepard Fairey, Ryan McGinness, and most recently, street artist Vhils. Pantone’s design will be the ninth limited edition bottle.