Gypsy Sport | Debut Pride Festival

by Morgan Vickery

Throughout the month of June, New York City acted in perpetual celebration— banners, parades, and events in unison, embracing LQBTQIA+ individuals. And rightfully so as New York and the legends of Stonewall mark a historical foundation for the community. While we’ve championed progress towards equality, inclusive fetes hold hope for further rights and representation worldwide.

On Saturday, June 29th, the artisanal and ethical fashion house, Gypsy Sport, proclaimed its support for the LGBT+ community with a muse-filled crowd in rainbow attire. Hosted at The Ledge, the festival dubbed GSPOT focused on diversity and body-positivity to create a safe space for individuality and self-expression.

The event kicked off with a screening of three short queer films, followed with a QPOC panel discussion. Queens, activists, and advocates [Munroe Bergdorf, Emilia Ortiz, Aaron Philip, Yves Mathieu, Adam Eli, Miss Boogie and Rene Imperato] took the stage, owning their vulnerability to communicate personal struggles with intersectionality, transphobia, homophobia, love, sex, and so on.

The unifying panel came to an end as the sun set, opening up the dance floor to models, muses and Gypsy Sport fans alike. West Dakota, Imp Kid, Buffy, Pan Dulce, No Bra and others took turns performing, encompassing GSPOT’s overall mission for love and acceptance.

Pride month may have come to an end, but the celebration and fight for equity in sexual and gender identification continues. As a prominent advocate, Gypsy Sport furthers the conversation, shedding light, and progressive rights in the fashion industry. If you missed this year’s festival of inclusive fun, stay tuned for GSPOT 2020.

Photography by: Neesmith Onzeur