Flaunt Premiere | "Salt" by Chris LaRocca

by Morgan Vickery


Canadian R&B singer and producer Chris LaRocca is set for a busy summer with a new track and EP to release in the coming weeks. The mesmeric and nostalgic “Salt” is dropping on June 25, a prelude to LaRocca’s upcoming EP, Saudade, which has a release date of July 17. The EP’s untranslatable title, meaning “a melancholic nostalgia/longing for a moment that never actually occurred” in Portuguese, is clearly a theme that carries over to “Salt.”

“Salt” is dreamy yet grounded, a cosmic balance of falsetto and synths with a sprinkle of acoustic. Following the release of singles, “Heated Up,” “Yardsale” and “Dice Out,” “Salt” continues on the path to Saudade’s release.

The self-taught artist has been at this since the release of his first single in 2017, “Closer,” working 12-hour days at three jobs to support his projects. LaRocca’s debut EP, Voila, laid the groundwork for Saudade, with an intimate mixture of funk and falsetto.

"With ‘Salt,’ I aimed to explain how we sometimes bring up old memories to self-inflict a melancholic feeling and romanticize the past - rather, how we tend to put ‘Salt’ in our own emotional wounds,” said LaRocca. “I tried to marry this idea with the overarching theme of the EP, which is feeling the absence of something that doesn’t exist, as described by the EP title, Saudade."

Written by: Elizabeth Pagano