Flaunt Premiere | Jae Stephens "got it like that"

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

Jae Stephens premieres the music video for “got it like that,” the freshest single off her forthcoming, self-released EP “f**k it i'll do it myself”. The track is an R&B-drenched, silky ode to fighting off fuckbois and keeping it real against the rampant misogyny which is prevalent in her day-to-day life.

“The song is very much autobiographical because I very much want people to leave me alone, and rarely does anyone actually do so,” says Jae Stephens, in a recent interview with Flaunt. “I’m too much of a lowkey person to be big on revenge but I definitely wanted the video to dramatize the situation...”


Jae jumped into the public spotlight when she performed alongside Khalid on a March 9th episode of Saturday Night Live. The performance not only marked her nationally televised debut, but also laid the foundation down for her pursuit towards a place among pop’s brightest stars.

“SNL was an amazing experience,” she says. “Seeing what all went on behind the scenes and how much work went in to one performance made me so excited to do it again one day on my own.”

She started her career in Los Angeles as a transplant from Dallas, Texas. After making a name for herself as a musician, she began taking on songwriting for other artists, working with hitmakers such as Rahki, Hit-Boy, Brasstracks, and J. White.

“Because singing is second nature to me, many of my instrumentals begin with hooky vocal loops or bass lines,” she says. “Anything easily singable that I can then duplicate with an instrument. I’m still feeling my way around producing for myself so it definitely forms in accordance with whatever melodies I’m hearing at the time.”

When the time arrived for her debut EP, she knew the best producer for the job; her own damn self.

“I got tired of asking other people to do it for me.”

Check out the exclusive Flaunt premiere for Jae Stephens music video “Got It Like That.”

Photo Credit: Ram Accoumeh