Flaunt Premiere | FAMES "Anxious"

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

FAMES is anxious for L.A. summer nights in the premiere of “Anxious,” the newest music video from the Nashville, Tennessee expats.

For a couple of guys who met outside a watering hole in Nashville, Tennessee, Ian Johnson and Wes Chandler from FAMES surely know how to capture the feeling of summers in Los Angeles with their massive hooks and silky, smooth beats. After realizing their musical chemistry, the duo packed up their bags and bought a one-way plane ticket to Los Angeles, California where they’ve created a sound which sounds like as if Eddie Money became obsessed with Bruno Mars and The 1975 but remains uniquely their own.

Flaunt premieres the music video for their single “Anxious.” The clip directed by frequent Flaunt collaborator Karl Richter features attractive girls ingesting mysterious pills, rotating disco balls, dismembered baby doll heads floating in a pool, and blood smeared all over the lead singer’s. It’s a trip. Watch the video below and keep your ears open for more gold coming from FAMES.

Photographed by Josh Telles