Flaunt Premiere | Bene

by Morgan Vickery

Bene_Press Photo 1 (Lead Image).jpg

Hailing from New Zealand, rising indie-pop artist, Bene, drops her new single, “Evil Spider.” After posting demos to SoundCloud in high school, she captured the attention of producer, Josh Fountain, who had her record at his studio in Auckland. Following the success of her breakout track, “Soaked,” Bene is releasing her debut EP this summer, with “Evil Spider” as its first single.

“‘Evil Spider’ is about wanting someone that’s already taken. When writing the song, I didn’t want to make the lyrics too obviously evil, so I thought I’d turn myself into the spider, making it a lil lighter and making the song revolve around me weaving webs to lure the person; catch ‘em like a spider then reel them in,” Bene said. “I remember humming ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ in the studio, which inspired the playful vibe of the song. I had a wee guitar melody in an earlier version that followed the nursery rhyme, which didn’t end up making the cut.” — Bene

Written by: Elizabeth Pagano