Flaunt Premiere | "hi-lite" by a l l i e

by Paulette Ely

a l l i e is a force to be reckoned with, and her road to R&B royalty is really just beginning. The Toronto born singer/songwriter has recently honed in on her personal style, fusing dreamy melodies with themes of love and spirituality. Since her debut album, “Nightshade,” in 2017, there has been no stopping this dreamer/doer, and we have the pleasure of releasing her new single, “hi-lite.” The tune talks about the sweet life that is running your own life and manifesting your reality regardless of some romances along the way. The soul star is rising up, but first she’s going to “light up… and burn it all down.” We all have to take notes, as a l l i e shows us through “hi-lite” that the journey to love and the high life comes with ups, downs and lots of necessary self love. We can’t wait to see where this girl is going next.

You can also listen to her music here , and learn a little more about a l l i e from the interview below

Can you tell us a little bit about the inspirations behind “hi-lite” and what it means to you?

"hi-lite" was inspired by the ebbs and flows of a romantic relationship. You have doubts, you question things, but you ultimately push through and hit a tipping point that lands you somewhere that's even better than before. Once you hit that, you're so thankful you didn't give up.

Does your personal style reflect your musical style?

Definitely! It's all connected to me. I always see colours and visuals in my head when I'm making music. Every sound has a hue, a texture, a mood or even a landscape that it evokes. I think seeing a certain colour can completely change your mood, so I'm always trying to experiment with that and use it as a form of therapy. As my music evolves, my style evolves with it.

What is one thing people can learn about you through your music?

That I operate from an intuitive place, more of a feeling state than a thinking state. I always hope to bring my listeners a sense of calm and healing through the music I make, and I think they can hear and feel that in the way I express myself in words and melodies.

What’s next for you?

I'm letting my soul lead right now, so whatever my soul desires that's where I'm going. Right now it's calling me to keep creating, keep sharing, keep travelling, and enter deeper into purpose. I'm letting the rest reveal itself. I've learned to love not fully knowing what's next.

hi-lite credits:

Lyrics composed by a l l i e

Written by Allison Lee, Danny Voicu & Gray Rowan

Produced by Dan Only and Gray Rowan

Recorded by a l l i e

Mixed by a l l i e, Dan Only and Gray Rowan

Mastered by Dan Only

Artwork by @blackpowerbarbie