Flaunt Premiere | Fat Nick: New Opps

by Paulette Ely

It’s go big or go home when it comes to Fat Nick, and his new video for New Opps definitely sizes up. The 24 year old rapper and social media star has been cannon-balling into the pool of rap scene recognition, known for major collaborations with Lil Peep and Pouya. Not only is his online presence filled with thousands of dedicated fans, his sound is larger than life as well. Known for top-notch trap beats and riotous lyrics, there is no way you can listen and not break a smile. His animated visual for New Opps is sure to make waves (literally) and it is reminiscent of a summertime trip- a truly trippy one at that. We’re proud to premiere the video here, and we hope you watch with your eyes as wide as Nick’s.