Sofia Boutella, A Multi-Talent Styling in the Field for the Eternal Issue

by Flaunt Intern

Dancer, model, and actress Sofia Boutella is a triple-threat star from Algeria. She has appeared in Nike ad campaigns, won Battle of the Year in 2006 with her hip-hop dance squad the Vagabond Crew (also toured with Madonna and appeared in Rihanna and Michael Jackson music videos as a dancer), and appeared in films like Kingsman: The Secret Service, Star Trek Beyond, and, most recently, 2017's The Mummy.

Here, she rocks luxury looks in this feature from our Eternal issue. Peep the gallery and get inspired.

Photographed by Camilla Armbrust
Styled by Henna Koskinen
Hair by Bryce Scarlett for The Wall Group
Makeup by Karo Kangas for Opus Beauty
Manicure by Camille Black for Opus Beauty using Dior Vernis
Produced by Margot Fodor
Photography Assistant: Sergiy Barchuk