Selah Marley's Got Star Power in Her Blood and a Bright Future

by Flaunt Editorial Staff

Flaunt Digital cover artist Selah Marley, 18, is the daughter of R&B icon Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley, son of Bob Marley. So it's to no one's surprise that she decided to step into the spotlight. With an incredible amount of creativity flowing in her genes, Selah was destined to be a star and has already jump-started her career in modeling and singing.

So far, she's already worked on projects for Calvin Klein, Beyonce's Ivy Park, and strutyed the runway for Kanye West's Yeezy Season 4 show. Seleah also shared her latest track titled "Breathe" on Soundcloud last month showcasing her musical abilities. Here, she dons chic throwback looks. Make no mistake, though: the future is Selah's.

We chatted her up and learned plenty. She's thankful to come from her parents, a child proud child of Mother Earth (and loves to travel) and we'd eat sushi with her anytime. Read below for that and more.

What are you listening to right now?

I haven't been inspired by the music in my catalogue recently and probably need to scavenge for some more. I've really just been entertaining myself through imagining visuals and sound.

You're making dinner for six, and guest list can include anyone, past or present. What's being served and who's at the table?

Travis Scott. Michael Jackson. Nelson Mandela. Maya Angelou. Coco Chanel. Bob Marley. Frida Kahlo. Pablo Picasso. Lauryn Hill. John Wilkes Booth. Sorry, I needed more than six. [Laughs] Honestly I'd probably serve Asian cuisine, like Korean BBQ or sushi.

What is the most exciting part of travel to you and why?

The most exciting part of travel to me is getting to explore new territory that Mother Earth has blessed us with. As I observe the world, I've come to notice this beautiful synergy between the Earth and her people and it's so inspiring to see how humans have made use of the resources we've been granted.

I love seeing the different types of architecture in relation to each place because it shows how humans have adapted to their surroundings and how we've made both beauty and order out of a natural chaos. Something about traveling the world is so beautiful to me in the sense that you see that we're not as different as we think we are. We all see, we all feel, we all communicate, we all love, and we all fear.

Describe a recent dream?

It's beginning to fade, but I had this crazy dream that I found this cool, little video game that came in the form of a Tamagotchi and the whole idea was that you could literally exist in the video game. It was almost like a mind transplant where your consciousness would actually transfer into the game and your physical body literally became your Avatar—so your life became the game.

What are you afraid of?

Nothing! I used to live in a fear. Now, I just love.

What sort of condition would we find your bedroom in right now? What's in there that comes to mind?

It's pretty clean. I'm very conscious of the whole "dirty bedroom" thing and end up sweeping and cleaning all the time. I sometimes throw my clothes around, but I always end up making a U-turn and putting it in the hamper through inner coaching and self-motivation.

Do you worry about climate change? Why or why not? 

Dude, glaciers are melting. Sea levels are rising. Holes in the ozone layer are getting bigger. Weather is jumping up and down. It's getting warmer in Antarctica. Greenhouse gases are on another level and let's not even mention our attempt on climate control. Climate change is a serious issue and we need to care about it!

What are the values you look for in relationships, be they romantic, professional, or platonic?

I need honesty and transparency.

Are we living in a New America?

Honestly, I'm not too sure. I feel like on the surface, it feels very progressive; but there's also been so many things occurring that have happened solely because of discrimination that forces me to wonder if today is any different from the 1960s. 

What was challenging about photo shoots when you began modeling?

The most challenging part is having to trust yourself. Truly having to believe in yourself. Having to know that you are beautiful; because the thing about photo shoots is that you can't see yourself--especially on film. When I first started, I would always ask the photographer if I could see the photos, so I could be aware of how I looked. I didn't really believe in my beauty. As I move forward, I become more and more confident in myself.

What do you appreciate about your family legacy?

My family has instilled greatness in me. My legacy has also ensured that I always perform at my highest capability because I have such large shoes to fill. Outside of that, my family has fed the world so much light, so much truth, and so much empowerment. I think both sides of my family have worked really hard to liberate the minds of people around the world, and that is why they have such devoted fans. When you listen to their music, you truly feel something. You feel freedom. You feel love. You feel truth.

Photographed by Matt Jones at Walter Schupfer Management
Styled by Christian Stroble at Walter Schupfer Manageme5
Makeup by Angie Parker using Nars at the Wall Group
Produced by Andrew McGrath at Walter Schupfer Management