by flaunt

 A Summer of Ease? Yes, please. In the midst of a hot political climate and an even hotter global climate, German fashion label Hugo Boss came to New York Fashion Week with a collection that is easy, breezy, and effortlessly refreshing. 

Flaunt flew into NYC Tuesday to witness "Summer of Ease," Boss' Spring/Summer Men's 2018 collection in all its glory. Inspired the by the carefree feeling of summer, the collection featured a nautical color palette splashed over light fabrics, airy Bermuda shorts and wafer-thin leather jackets.

"For me [summer] is warm, airy, it's always by the beach," Ingo Wilts, Hugo Boss's Chief Brand Officer, told Flaunt after the show. 

Boss' desire to showcase a "Summer of Ease" through their designs translated through the indoor-outdoor nature of the show, held at the South Street Seaport on Fulton Street. 

"We want to show casual things, something you can buy or wear maybe on a summer evening but then also in a dressier way," Wilts told us. "We are very, very rigid in a way. And I always want to show there are more ways of doing this. We wanted to show people, there is more than one way to wearing a suit." 

Flaunt counted down the days for Boss' runway show and live-streamed it on Tuesday (watch a replay here). Check out our behind the scenes and backstage pre-show interviews here

Photography by: Marsha Lebedev Bernstein 

Written by: Eva Barragan