CLOSET VISITS | A Peek Inside Liane V's Closet and her New GbyGuess Collection

by flaunt

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For this edition of Flaunt's newest segment, Closet Visits, we had the pleasure of interviewing social media superstar Liane V. Liane has broken the mold and is one of the first creators in the digital space to release her own capsule collection with a legacy fashion brand: GbyGuess.

After spending time with Paul Marciano himself in Lake Cuomo, Italy, the legendary fashion guru took such a liking to Liane that he gave her the opportunity to have creative control over a 10-piece, holiday-inspired line within the brand. With crushed velvet draping and shimmering overlays, the line is sure to be a hit for the upcoming holiday season. 

Flaunt met up with the multi-hyphenate cyber-space celebrity take a peek inside her bedroom-sized closet to discuss confidence, comfort and the collaboration of a lifetime with GbyGuess.

What's the number one thing you consider when choosing an outfit? 

I’m all about comfort. I love wearing comfortable things, even if it's uncomfortable I try to make it comfortable. 

What is a huge fashion NO for you? 

Wearing something in public that you're just not comfortable in. When you’re not comfortable in what you're wearing it can make you feel so insecure and I want every girl that wears my collection to feel confident. Confidence is really important to me and every piece I have in my GbyGuess collection, I know women can feel confident in. 

What is your favorite item in your closet?

This is another one of my favorite pieces, this is the first dress I wore to my first Guess fashion show with Paul Marciano. So this is definitely a dress I’ll never forget. It’s fun and I feel like an emoji every time I wear it.

How do you feel about sharing clothes? 

I let a lot of my friends borrow my clothes, which is fine, they’re pretty good at returning them. It’s dress up time whenever my friends come over.

How did your collaboration with GbyGuess come about? 

Guess is an amazing brand that I've loved all my life. So when they wanted me to do a line I was honestly in shock. I had no idea that this could even possible.  I started by working with GbyGuess and a little later down the line they approached me in regards to designing a 10-piece collection. They said they wanted to launch it around November. So I wanted to come out with something that's like a holiday collection. 

To keep up with Liane V. and her ever evolving wardrobe click here and be sure to check out the pieces from her GbyGuess collection in the gallery above. 

Written by: Eva Barragan
Additional interviewing by Linda Nyvltova
Closet photos by Jose Cervantez with additional images provided by GUESS Inc.