Everyone Wins | "Nothing New"

by Hannah Jackson

Everyone Wins is taking sustainability to the next level with their brand motto, “Nothing New”. Creating every collection with preexisting materials, the past life of the clothes gives a modern, high-end but funky feel to their new incarnations. Every Everyone Wins garment is washed, redesigned, and reconstructed after its careful curation. The project has certainly taken a village—creative director and designer Alan Eckstein has received assistance from industry veterans Vinay Gupta of Grailed, Chris Dennler of RXMANCE, stylist Haley Loewenthal, and brand strategist Casey Freeman of MTV and Discovery Inc.

Before beginning his endeavor of Everyone Wins, Alan Eckstein served as creative director and co-founder of Timo Weiland for over a decade. He was featured in 2014’s Forbes’ 30 Under 30 for Art & Style and won the Ecco Domani Prize for Best Menswear in the same year.

“It came about after a trip to Turkey to design and manufacture the Timo line. I came back and felt somewhat empty and discouraged regarding fashion. I wanted pieces of clothing in my closet to be utterly unique and backed by the best quality. I wanted to fall in love with fashion again. My first design was a 90's techno material Prada jacket that didn't fit me well and I didn’t enjoy it. I wanted to see if I could redesign and make it fun,” Ekcstein says of his inspiration for the new line. “After that day, I started smoking a ton of weed and designing over existing clothing, ha! But it was a creative flow and the idea was to bring value to clothing that is already in the universe. After that, I knew I had to get professional and find a way to turn this into a well oiled mechanism. I brought in partners—Chris Dennler has his line Rxmance, Haley, my wife and stylist, Casey Freeman is a very close childhood friend and she is our marketing director and Vinay Gupta I met at a hockey game. He and his brother started Grailed. Every person is like family and everyone has a very important role. It's a community.”

The new line, which drops August 7th, is definitely a departure from Eckstein’s work at Timo. “It has some of the same colorful and eclectic personality but it’s different as in, I'm not designing for an out of date, aging department store market with Everyone Wins. I'm making clothes that are for the individual as an individual. It's very different as I'm putting love and respect to every piece of clothing, wether it be jeans from the 70's or some beaten up gabardine shirt,” he says.

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