Weekend Recall | Ellen Allien

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

If you live in Berlin, or find yourself even remotely interested in techno and house music, then you know the name Ellen Allien. Since releasing her first album Stadtkind (an album she personally dedicated to Berlin) back in 2001, she’s established herself as one of the most formative names in techno music. The music she records and produces sounds like Berlin, it breathes in the city’s history and it’s vibrant future. Today, she releases “Love Distortion,” a brooding pulsing, seven-minute-long track off her upcoming album Alientronic, which is being released off the BPitch Control Music Label, a label which she personally founded. What a queen.

Alientronic is released on May 17th and was recorded during Berlin’s harsh, unforgiving winter months, where Allien braved the weather by searching inwards and diving into the deepest areas of her creative imagination. It’s a acid house-induced nod towards techno’s past while also keeping one eye firmly set on it’s future. Along with “Love Distortion,” other tracks include “MDMA,” “Bowie in Harmony,” and “Exit to Humanity.”

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