Eddington Again | Damani3 EP

by Larry Armstrong-Kizzee

Eddington Again is the Inglewood, CA rapper and musician self-described as the “Rap game Professor X, Charles Xavier.” Fittingly so, his musically telepathic abilities have made him a fixture in Los Angeles’ music scene, creating a local following surrounding his participation in collectives such as PRJCTS, Oddience, and collaborations with producers like Com Truise and others.

Extending beyond the scope of a Southland audience, Eddington Again’s newest release, Damani3, is now receiving global recognition, being released under the Belgian label, Apollo Records. The ambient subdivision of R&S Records has nothing short of a stellar resume; in 1992 they released Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works 85-92 and also Biosphere’s Patashnik.

In other words, Again is in good hands. This accomplishment can be afforded to a telepathic connection, or, the very raw and empathetic product that results from Again’s music. Experimental rap melts with R&B and soul. Sometimes Again’s music floats into an unidentifiable realm. When asked about his creative process, the he notes, “Whenever I hear an instrumental, I vibe with. It speaks to a part of me that automatically responds to a mood and melody. It’s like getting a call from your best friend you could kiki with on the phone for hours about anything. Certain sounds just connect with me like a relationship in a past life or present.” In Eddington’s Again’s Damani3, the listener catches a glimpse into the reciprocal nature of his vocals and instrumental intervals.