DJ's on Disposables | JAUZ

by Paulette Ely

In the world of electronic music, there are many different styles and sounds, sometimes even all at once. For Sam Vogel, known to most as Jauz, it has been important for him to be at the forefront of dark and deep dance music that is both brain surging and soul healing. As he got ready for his major Sahara tent soundclash soiree last weekend at Coachella, I got to sit down and get to know a little about what it took to become a true music icon and inspiration for other producers and performers.

Photo by:  Paulette Ely

Photo by: Paulette Ely

When did your interest in music and performing start? 

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to do music. It was my thing. When I was six I was convinced I was gong to be in a boy band like NSYNC or some shit. I feel like a lot of kids were, but I was deadass like, ‘Mom I’m going to be in NSYNC, it’s happening.’ And then in middle school I wanted to be a rapper, obviously. Then I started playing guitar when I was thirteen, and I was super into rock n roll and heavy metal and that kind of shit, and that’s where my real musical journey took off. Around 15 I started making music electronically, not really because I love dance music, but because I found out about the ability to make music on your computer as a one man band instead of relying on a drummer or vocalist. If I could do it all myself, then it’s only up to me how far I go in life, so that’s how I found out about electronic music. It was more from a ‘Im going to make music, but I don’t know what I’m doing.’ And it’s all history from there.

Have you ever been to Coachella as a festival go-er and not a performer?

I have never ever ever been to Coachella in my life. Today is my first experience right here right now. This is a very momentous occasion. This is just one festival that when I was a fan, or just a normal guy, or whatever you call it, I was too broke to ever make it to a festival like Coachella. And then when I started making music seriously, I was too busy and I just never got booked for it. Obviously I wanted to go forever, i just kind of wrote it off as one of those I might never be able to do. This year all of the sudden it was like ‘Yeah, you’re playing Sahara.’ I still don’t really believe it right now, even thought we’re like 45 minutes out from set time, I still feel like I’m get to the stage and they’re going to be like “No we meant the other guy.”

Are you from LA?

I’m from San Francisco, I’ve been in LA for 8 years.

Would you say SF of LA influenced your sound more?

Growing up in SF is where I got a lot of my Rock N Roll/Heavy Metal influence- Metallica’s out there, Green Day- a million huge bands came out of SF. Being a young kid in high school there I got to go to so many shows during the week, and there is a great electronic scene. As far as artists go, its all in LA. I will say, however, my influence though came from the UK. That’s why I sound the way I sound musically. All the music I love came from the UK, it still does.

“DANCE FLOOR” was released just before the kickstart of full festival season and is the perfect anthem for a desert house-party. Is that sound something you will be continuing? What does your future hold?

It’s weird. For me, DANCE FLOOR doesn't feel like anything out of my wheel house, I’ve always had a deeper techier side, but especially now with house music becoming such a prevalent thing- I mean look at Chris Lake and Fisher and that whole crew dominating right now. I definitely have the ability now to open up to that side that I haven't before. I love making heavy music and high energy music, but theres also a way to make it feel aggressive and high energy while deep and techy and groovy at the same time. I love that shit, I try to sneak it into my set and it’s finally at a point where kids understand that sound. I think its a powerful time for people like me who wanted to do shit like that but now we have this avenue to expand on it.

If you didn’t get a chance to see his crazy revolving stage set and a first look of his Baby Shark Remix, buy your Weekend 2 ticket stat! If not, make sure you keep with Jauz as the party is really just beginning.