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by Morgan Vickery

Gisela McDaniel,   Studio Visit     Conversation on a Pink Couch , 2019 oil on canvas 54 x 41 in.

Gisela McDaniel, Studio Visit

Conversation on a Pink Couch, 2019 oil on canvas
54 x 41 in.

Detroit Art Week, otherwise known as "DAW," prepares for its second edition of contemporary art and culture programming. Olu & Company will invite visitors and residents from July 17th to the 21st to attend 36 exhibition openings, 14 studio visits, 13 performances, 8 panel discussions, and 11 special programs— featuring 150 plus creatives and community goers.

Most events are free and open to the public, while some of the more notable, fee'd programs deserve full appreciation in their totality. On View will display 20 debut exhibitions which showcase the explosion of multifaceted talent in Detroit. Young Curators, New Ideas, an ongoing initiative circa 2008, will feature 12 hotel rooms at Trumbull and Porter transformed into miniature galleries.

"This year, Detroit Art Week's expanded programming aims to foster provocative discussions on the most pressing issues of our time, while also highlighting the diverse artistic practices, organizations, and businesses cultivated in the city. We hope to engage an international audience with Detroit's art scene and continue advancing Detroit's legacy as a destination for innovation." — Aleiya Lindsey and Amani Olu, Co-founders, Detroit Art Week 

In creating this community platform for creative recognition, Aleiya Lindsey and Amani Olu are town heroes. The flourishing art scene in Detroit is not one to dismiss; Instead, discover it's rarity before intercepting Miami's crowd of media buffs and critics. Head over to DAW next week and explore the burgeoning scene.

Aleiya Lindsey and Amani Olu, Co-founders.

Aleiya Lindsey and Amani Olu, Co-founders.

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