Danse Lente | First U.S. Pop Up

by Anahita Safarzadeh

The popular street style fashion brand, Danse Lente is making waves in LA this week with its first U.S. pop up at Melrose Place. The brands iconic style incorporates architectural and contemporary design for handbags and accouterments , taking a different approach for the LA market.

“I chose Melrose Place as our location for its pretty shops and European aesthetic. I also admire and am influenced by a lot of artists and sculptors from the Mediterranean and love work that comes from warm countries or places which led us to launch our first U.S. pop up in LA.” - Youngwon Kim, Creative Director of Danse Lente.

Kim wanted to create a space infusing fresh and sporty style which can be seen in the fun and innovative pieces featured in this collection, unlike any of the Danse Lente original aesthetic style. The pop up will include art fixtures of custom designed football benches that scale the walls of Melrose Place and mint green lockers housing product throughout the venue.

Kim is excited to show the new “Josh” style and diversity here in LA, and feels its the perfect season to do so.