Jesse Jo Stark and Artist Matt DiGiacomo Talk Chrome Hearts' Pete Punk Offspring Capsule in Q&A

by flaunt

Flaunt sat down with Chrome Hearts artist Matt DiGiacomo and daughter of the company's founder, Jesse Jo Stark to get the inside scoop on the new eyewear and Pete Punk Offspring (PPO) capsule.

Less than 500 of their new Chomper sunglasses will be released come this September. Each one will be sold with a custom eyewear case. Clearly, they'll be hard to get.

Matt DiGiacomo

How do you reconcile your artistic vision with the demands of fashion design and functionality?

The great thing about working on this with Chrome Hearts is that they allow me to take my time and not be confined by outside demands. PPO is mostly all one-off which keeps it cool!

Can you tell us a little bit about your inspiration for this design?

When I was a kid, I would always stare at people’s mouths because I had a hard time looking in their eyes. So staring at lips my whole life, I think subconsciously it was the first thing I started to draw. 

Why is a sense of humor important in art and fashion?

Because I enjoy making fun of the situation. 


Jesse Jo Stark

How do you ensure that Chrome Hearts maintains its strong identity as it evolves and adapts?

Staying true to what we know and love and always making what we know we are good at and never changing for the trend.

What about Matt made him a good fit for the PPO collection, and as a collaborator with CH in general?

We just liked what he does, the freedom in his art.  It's the right fit because the heart is there.

What's your all-time favorite Chrome Hearts piece?

Black & White long-sleeve t-shirt

Interview by Mui-Hai Chu

Written by Morgan Vickery

Photographed by Ian Morrison