BTS Releases BT21 x Uniqlo Collection

by Cayla Rubin

BTS, aka the Bangtan Boys, are transforming the music scene through juxtaposing their K-pop roots with an electrifying blend of hip-hop and dance-pop. This boy band with a cult millennial following is the first K-pop group to have their album Love Yourself: Tear reach number one in the US. Though, their creativity and talent goes beyond their introspective lyrics and musical innovation. BT21 is a creative collaboration with BTS and LINE FRIENDS; it consists of eight unique virtual characters that share the same fun and idiosyncratic vibe as the boyband themself.

UNIQLO, one of the world’s largest fashion retailers has partnered with BTS and will realise a special line of t-shirts titled BT21. The collection features 12 unisex t-shirts and ranges from designs of colorful graphics to simple, box logo black and white designs; there really is a shirt for everyone. This line will pay homage to both UNIQULOs mission for clothing to be a means of self expression and art design and to BTS’ unique, colorful personalities.

The shirts, which cost $14.90, will be available to purchase at UNIQLO starting June 21.