Flaunt Premiere | Beshken "Cursed"

by Paulette Ely

If you haven’t heard of Beshken, now is your time to get acquainted. This New York based producer and prodigy of multiple instruments is cooking up a new LP later this year, and is letting us premiere his very special new video, “Cursed.” As a genre bender and a boundary breaker, Beshken calls upon his travels and experiences to create music to the sounds of indie, experimental, dance, psychadelia and dream-pop styles. As sleepless nights became both the inspiration and the time of production to Beshken, he was able to connect his lyrics with his own personal mantras to continue to live life in the present moment. As Beshken wanted to see some of his beliefs come to life, he created a music video for “Cursed” that sparks fear of reality within all of us. Directed by Nina Gofur, Inspired by Maya Deren’s “Meshes of the Afternoon”, the music video for “Cursed” explores the concept of living like we’re dead due to an obsession with personal progress.. With themes of abandonment and inescapable repetition, the video promotes security in vulnerability and an ease for anxiety. Watch it first here and get a taste of the Beshken’s creative complexities.

Photos by Nick Vernet