Audrey Mika | “Y U Gotta B Like That”

by Paulette Ely

We all use social media as a platform for our voices, yet the emerging talent, Audrey Mika, uses it to infatuate us with the smoothness that is her own. Last Sunday, the Youtube sensation and Bay Area original released her first song of the Summer, “Y U Gotta B Like That,” and the wave of positive feedback just keeps a-rolling. 

Since the start of the week, the song has already hit 100,000 without any algorithms or playlists to credit. Audrey Mika is blessed to not only have the support of thousands of fans who have watched her covers and quirks on Youtube for years, but also the support from her dream team at 1st Gen. 

1st Gen founders Anthony Kilhoffer and Mathew Miz have created a label for young creatives like Audrey herself to emerge from individuality and ability despite the competition and lack of credit many Gen Z-er’s may feel subject to. Due a platform that empowers a genuine persona beyond followers and likes, 1st Gen helped show the world that Audrey Mika is more than meets the eye, she is a true visionary with a dedication to her dope desires. 

Add “Y U Gotta B Like That” to your summer playlist, and check out the exclusive interview below to get to know the brains behind the beauty that is this banger.

What are some of the inspirations behind “Y U Gotta B Like That”?

I found the beat off o f my explore page, and I just reached out to the producer asking for the beat. Honestly, all I can tell you is that I was just inspired by the beat. The beat was so good, and I got innocent and juvenile vibes. I made the song about a situation in high school where a freshman is day dreaming about a relationship with a senior, and the melodies just came super easily to me. That’s when you know it’s a good song- when you can just write it in 10 minutes. I had a lot of fun writing it too.

Is that normally the writing process for you? Do you normally hear the beat first?

It depends, sometimes I make up the chords on my guitar or piano, or someone sends me a beat. Straight up, I don’t work on a beat if I’m not immediately feeling it. With beats its a bit harder when I didn’t make it, so I have to make sure that I love it so that I can feel inspired.

Do you collaborate with artists? Are there any you would like to collaborate with in the future?

My manager/ best friend/ co-writer is usually the only person that helps me write. I haven't done a collab in a while, but I did do one with someone from Vegas. That was “Take A Break,” and that song also came really naturally. That’s how it’s supposed to be, it’s supposed to be really easy. If you vibe with the person that is extra good too. People who I would want to collaborate with would be Kehlani, since she’s another Bay Area girl. I just wish she put out music, but I mean. she just had a baby so that’s okay. And then, Jorja Smith is another one… I just want to meet her. I feel like she’s just an amazing person. Her presence is just angelic. 

Your often cover Billie Eilish songs. Do you feel like you relate to Billie, as an artist in the social media generation?

Not necessarily relate to her lyrically, but I would relate to her as a person. That makes me want to support her, because I love her as a person and I want to support and sing her songs. Sometimes I have an idea and I’m like, “Oh wait, Billie already did that.” It kind of feels like our minds are the same so often.

A lot of people support you from Youtube. How do you think being this age and using Youtube and social media affects your life and your career and what do you see happening to these things in the future?

I think social media is the future. I think it’s a great place to express yourself. People didn't used to have a platform like that, and people really get to be themselves on social media. I think that’s amazing. People come to me and they’re like, “Wow, you have inspired me to post my own covers” or “You have inspired me to draw.” I don’t even draw! I just inspire people to do something other than singing, which is amazing to me. You just have to note that each platform of social media has different audience, and I feel like Youtube is very much opinionated. Everyone has a vert specific opinion while using it, but I think that’s a good thing. It makes me listen to what they are saying and makes me push myself. I think it should make other people push themselves too rather than taking the hate in a bad way. It’s all about community. My fans are so supportive and just back me up. They’re crazy, but they’re the reason that I’m doing what I am doing. 

I know that 1stGen are also huge supporters. How do they push you as well?

They have put so much effort in. It was amazing to work on this song with them, and they’ve been super passionate about reaching out to people and helping me. It drives me that even adults are getting excited about all of this, and it just makes me excited and continues to keep me inspired. 

You have so many ears that are about to be on you, but what’s next?

I’m just going to just go with the flow, I don’t know if that’s a bad thing to say. I just want to make more mature sounding music and I want to keep growing as an artist. I want to meet more people that love- love this as much as I do. It helps me grow as a person and an artist, and I just want to make music that connects with people. We’re working on a Fall EP, and we’re putting out 2 more summer singles. We’re also putting on a show on August 2nd in San Francisco- my first headlining show! I’m super stoked. My dream as an upcoming artist has been to go on tour, so those things are goals and I’m so excited to get it started. I’m moving down to LA this Fall, which will be a whole new chapter of life. My friends and I are scared, but it’s the next step in our lives and I just couldn't be more excited.