Anton Yelchin | Photo Exclusive

by Hannah Jackson

I have always felt a kinship with Anton Yelchin. As alumni of the same small school tucked away in the San Fernando Valley, I was happy to know that there was someone out there who had lived through a familiar experience, and that he was thriving in part due to the education he had received in his formative years. But unfortunately, Anton was taken far too soon, leaving behind the unanswerable question of how he would have continued to grow as an artist. A small comfort of this incomprehensible loss is Yelchin’s stunning body of work, including never-before-seen photographs.

FLAUNT is honored to present exclusive photos from Yelchin’s collection. Unflinching, clever, and eye-catching, it is clear that Yelchin was far more than a talented actor. Yelchin—who was known for his roles in Star Trek, Charlie Bartlett, and Like Crazy—was also a writer, a punk musician and a curious, keen-eyed photographer. Yelchin’s tragic and untimely death hit so hard due to his many phenomenal talents, but what makes his loss so crushing is his stellar reputation among friends, colleagues, and the people who knew before fame.

The documentary chronicling Yelchin’s life, Love, Antosha, comes out this weekend, and will feature tributes by family and friends, including JJ Abrams, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Willem Defoe, Jodie Foster, among many others.